About Super Mavis

What is this?

Super Mavis helps raise awareness and funds for various causes. Our hope is that we can positively impact the lives of both humans and animals.  

Is there a real-life Super Mavis?

Yes. The legendary Mavis was a French bulldog who lived in the suburbs with her three rescued siblings: a dog named Scout and two cats, Watson and Amelia. A city girl at heart, she divided her time among her adoring fans and her hobbies, which included persistently tapping humans for attention, zooming laps around the house for very short periods of time, eating treats as loudly as possible, chasing squirrels, snoozing (and snoring) on sunbeams, teaching doga (yoga for dogs and sometimes cats), howling along to any indie/folk/rock song, waking up early, skillfully managing her four-legged housemates, and using those soulful eyes to get her way.



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